• Location: Little Riders Australia can dispatch orders to any address (physical or postal) that is deemed by Australia Post and/or local state authorities to be a registered or lawful address in Australia. At this stage we do not deliver outside of Australia. If you are not in our delivery area please contact us to discuss delivery options.


(b) Cost: We offer free pickup option as set out on the Website. If you are unable to pick up your purchase from our warehouse, a delivery charges will apply, as set out on the Website and can be generated using our shopping calculator.


(c) Timing: Little Riders Australia will endeavor to dispatch orders as quickly as possible or within 2 to 3 days of receiving the order (excluding non-working days in Victoria) Once the Item is dispatched it will take between 2 to 7 Working days for the item to arrive at the shipping address provided to us by the customer. With Pre-Orders maximum delivery time is 10 weeks {for details see section (ci)}. Some delays of several days or more are to be expected during peak periods between October and December months. Little Riders Australia is not responsible for late deliveries. Little Riders Australia takes no responsibility for the delay of deliveries caused by any courier or other third party delivering the goods. Likewise, Little Riders Australia is not liable for any burden, stress, inconvenience, hardship or financial loss caused by any delays. Customers are advised to place orders well ahead of time to ensure sufficient time for delivery during peak periods to minimise risk of unexpected delays. We will deliver the product to the place of delivery you specify when placing your order.

(c1) Method and Timing for Pre-orders: Little Riders Australia also offers customers to place pre-orders for the stock which is on order or is in manufacturing process or has not arrived as yet. Pre-orders can be advertised anywhere between 7 to 60 days prior to stock being physically available. Pre-ordering system on allows customers to reserve a particular item from shipment which is due to arrive in future. We will always display an estimated date of arrived for the pre-order items. Pre-order dates are usually an estimate which means that stock could arrive few days sooner or later than the mentioned date of release. Once the stock have arrived customers will have 3 days to make the payment. Once payment is made our team will prepare and dispatch pre-orders within 3 working days.

Please note, during busy period Little Riders Australia can also change the pre-order system so that it charges for the product and its postage in Full and Upfront. In this situation handling and delivery time after the product have physically arrived remains the same as normal (described in section (c))


(d) Change: If you need to change a delivery date or the delivery address, please contact us as soon as possible to see if this is possible. If you are not available to take delivery on the agreed delivery date, you may be charged a delivery fee for each additional attempt for delivery.


(e) Method: We may deliver the products via a range of delivery methods. You must sign whatever forms, delivery dockets, or consignment notes are presented by the courier prior to acceptance of the purchased goods. Refusal to sign or accept delivery from the courier means you risk your order being returned back to Little Riders Australia. Under such circumstances, you acknowledge that shipping and handling fees are payable for any subsequent re-deliveries. You also acknowledge any costs incurred and made payable by the courier in connection with any return or re-delivery will be passed on to you by Little Riders Australia for payment prior to the handling and/or further requests or processing of such order. By placing your order with us you also acknowledge that your order will by default have Authority to Leave at the front door in secured location, in the case where there is no one at given shipping address to receive the item.


(f) Title: Title in the products will not pass to you until the later of (i) delivery of the products to you; or (ii) all payments due to be made by you to us in respect of the product being processed or otherwise received in full by us. If your payment is declined for any reason we reserve the right to reclaim the products from your possession, custody or control even if they have been delivered to you or moved from the delivery address. We reserve the right to keep or sell the products. Risk of loss, damage or deterioration to any products will pass to you on delivery.

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