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Ride on utes

Is your child the tradie of the household? Always trying to start a new building project or just shifting things from one place to the next? At, we offer a range of ride on utes to help your kiddo get their work done.

They can load up their tools in the tub of the ride on ute, have their friend jump in the passenger seat and head to the next job site.

Tough Trucks

We make sure all our ride on electric utes are of excellent quality so you can rest assured your Little Rider can get the job done. Our modes come in various options, with models with two motors or four if your little one is a budding 4x4 driver.

Baby Ute, doo doo doo!

We have selected what we believe to be the best match to the current big utes on the market. So many of our customers say their kids want a ute to match mum, dads, or other family members. So we found some of the more popular models of utes.

SOLD! But I want to make it more unique.

Sure thing. At, we also sell personalized nameplates so your Little Rider can show their flair. In addition, you can choose from 8 different colours to make your kids car stand out.