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Ride on Vehicles

From Ride on Toyota Hilux to electric Ford Ranger, Battery Powered UTVs and Remote controlled Buggys, Farm Tractors to Dump Trucks, have something for your little one.

We have a range of Ride on Vehicles to suit every Little Rider and want to bring fun and excitement to every household.

Huge range, Wide Variety

We have big cars, small cars, fast bikes, stable UTVs, we try to have a massive range of ride on cars, ride on bikes, electric trucks, ride on animals, in all kinds of colours! We are all unique, and so we know everyone wants something different.

All the colours of the rainbow!

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and everything in between. We have a whole range of colours on offer across our range of ride on cars. You won’t be left feeling blue (unless that’s the colour you wanted)

Ultimate control

Many of our battery powered trucks and trailers come with a 2.4g parental control. So if you feel your kiddo is getting a bit too adventitious, grab the remote and take control.