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Fancy something different? Want to go off the beaten trail, zoom around the track or Tokyo Drift around the park? range of Ride Buggies and Go Karts give you the freedom to go where you please.

Our electric Buggies and UTVs, are great for either on or off-road. So take them to the sand or the park, our range will take you places.

Gotta go Fast!

Our range of Buggies and Go Karts are some of the most powerful products we offer. If our ride on cars is a little tame for your liking, take a look at our UTVs to get your kids out and about. Or, if speed is what you are after, try one of our Electic Go Karts.

Ultimate control

Many of our battery powered UTVs and buggies come with a 2.4g parental control. So if you feel your kiddo is getting a bit too adventitious, grab the remote and take control.

Why should I get one of your Buggys?

Here at, we are very proud of all of our products, but we still all get incredibly excited when we see our UTVs, Buggys and Go Karts. This range of products has some of the best tech, most powerful motors, and best features of all the products we well.

You will not be disappointed, and I am sure you will be as excited as the rest of us when you try out your new Little Rider buggy!