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Ride on cars

If your child has the need for speed or likes to cruise about the yard, Little Riders Australia has the ride on car for you.

Our ride on cars come in a range of colours and sizes, with multiple configurations of big motors, small motors, and between 1 and four motors equipped on some models.

How hard is it for my child to drive one?

It's simple for your Little Rider to learn to drive one of our electric cars. Most have a simple button or key to turn on and a foot pedal to go.

And even if your little one has some trouble steering but still wants to feel like they are driving, many of our models come with parental remote controls, so you can sit back and take them for a drive around the yard or park.

Arent ride on cars just for boys?

No way! Any child can enjoy one of our ride on cars, no matter who they are. We have vehicles in all kinds of colours, from Black cars to Pink cars, Blue cars, and many different styles. Whatever your child's taste, we have a car to suit

Hmmm, well, it sounds good, but my kid has expensive tastes.

No problem! We have lots of choices, is your son wants a Lamborghini? Or your daughter has seen a nice Mecades she wants? Have your grandkids been hassling you for a Bently? Well, you are in the right place. have all these and more to keep your little one's collection