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Ride on SUVs

Like the idea of a ride on a car but want the extra space and height of a ride on SUV? Well, at, we hear you! Sometimes your Little Rider's personality is just too big for a car, and you want something different. Here we present to you what we think are the best ride on SUVs on the market

Zoom zoom!

Your child will love the freedom to get going with their new ride on car. All our models have the power to get them up and going; we just they are going to love their new battery powered car.

Does it come in black?

Quite possibly! We make sure we get a good range of colours for our ride on cars, we do black cars, pink cars, green cars, orange cars… you get the picture! But, do you know what else you can picture? Your kid in their new sleek car!

How about a custom number plate?

Everyone loves to personalize their ride, and with a custom nameplate from, you can show off your electric car with your style. How about Frank, Michelle, or Buzza, even a cheeky DADISBEST?