About Us

Little Riders Australia was conceived on the idea of providing unparalleled service, value for money and unrivaled customer satisfaction. From the moment we turn the lights on in our warehouse to the second the ride-on toy arrives at your doorstep. Everything we do, we do with passion and dedication.

Our mission is to create a company that lives and breathes for the people that support us, including the trusted and reputable couriers, we engage in transporting these unique toys to you. Our management team are driven to ensure all our staff are suited to the jobs they perform to take care of our valued customers, not only offering excellent customer service but also an ability to anticipate and respond to any customer queries proactively.

One of the many things that make littleriders.com.au unique against our competitors is our commitment to providing the highest quality product at the absolute best prices. Due to our streamlined and effective business model, we effectively remove the middlemen that would otherwise increase the cost to the end user. As the primary importer, wholesaler and retailer for ride-on toys, we have increased leverage when it comes to negotiating with the manufacturers, ensuring that the customers are getting the best value toys money can buy.

In keeping with our commitment to research and development, we are always visiting our factories to ensure that production quality is of the highest standard and that we are staying ahead of the pack when it comes to the ever-changing ride-on toy market.

We are a company that is motivated beyond financial success. Our owners and management team are fueled by the love of the product and service we collectively provide. There is not a day that goes by that we do not appreciate the support our customers show us, and whether you are a new or existing client, we will continue to strive to surpass all aspects by providing the absolute best when it comes to our products, communication, delivery and price.

The next time you think about ride-on cars for your kids, think littleriders.com.au because we will be thinking of you.

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