Top 5 tips for caring for an electric ride-on toy

Top 5 tips for caring for an electric ride-on toy

Top 5 tips for caring for an electric ride-on toy

So you have purchased your electric ride-on car and it is sitting in the lounge room, waiting for the little one to come in and rip open the packaging and start cruising around the backyard. Before they get on and start their career towards the formula one, it’s a great time to teach them a little about caring for their new toy.

Here are our top 5 tips for caring for a motorised ride-on vehicle.

  1. Charging up the juice: Before the little tike goes and rips open the box and starts driving it is essential to charge the battery first fully. We recommend that on this first charge you charge 6V batteries for at least eight hours and 12V batteries for at least 12 hours. This ensures that the battery is at maximum capacity, and helps to maintain good battery health in the future. Keeping a proper battery charging regime is vital to getting the most out of your motorised ride-on toy which is why we recommend never running the car until your battery is fully depleted. The best practice is to charge your battery when the motor begins to lose power, which indicates that the battery is running low. Never charge for longer than 24 hours as motorised car battery cells can be damaged and are sensitive to overcharging while also refraining from undercharging as that can affect battery life as well. Making sure that the temperature is not too hot or too cold is essential to extend the battery life, as driving the car for long hours will cause the battery to heat to temperatures that will damage it in the long run.

On the other hand, if you do not plan on using the vehicle for an extended amount of time, it can affect the batteries lifespan and reduce its range. In this case, you should make sure you fully charge the battery before you use it again so that the cells are rebalanced. Making sure you look after the battery will increase the batteries life considerably.

  1. Undercover parking: When not being used, it’s a great idea to keep the ride-on car parked undercover and away from extreme heat, cold and moisture. Just like your own car exposure to direct sunlight, all the time can cause the colour to fade and may cause the plastic to warp. Making sure to park it indoors and away from the elements will make sure the aesthetics and mechanics of the car stay pristine.
  2. Avoiding fender benders: As with real cars avoiding collisions and bumps with walls, trees or even other ride-on cars will help keep the components within the car in place running smoothly. Teaching your kids to avoid obstacles will get them ready for real-world driving.
  3. No go, H20: Keep in mind that water and these electric ride-on cars do not mix. Avoid getting the motor, electrical system and battery wet.
  4. Cut and Polish: Giving the toy a quick clean with a soft, dry cloth every so often will restore the shine to the plastic and keep your car looking its best. Do not use automotive wax, abrasive cleaners or wash the vehicle with soap and water.

Not that they are too difficult to look after but ensuring you do the little things will make sure they will continue to bring hours of fun to your kids.

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