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Top 5 reasons our ride on toys are the best in the market.

Here at, we only stock the best battery operated vehicles that are absolutely jam-packed full of features and subtle details which is what separates our motorised toys from the rest of the pack.

1. Two 12 V Batteries for extended playtime
We have cars with not just 1, but, 2 x 12-volt batteries that mean more time cruising and less time charging. Some of our ride on cars, including the 12 V Hummer replica, the Mercedes Benz AMG GTR, the 4×4 Ford Ranger and the battery powered 4×4 beach buggy lasting up to 2 hours without needing a break…which is more than enough time to tire the little one out.

2. Remote control functionality for safety and fun!
For those times you just want to have a bit of fun and drive around the backyard, or the little one is too tired to steer. We have fitted our cars with 2.4G remote controlled receivers which allow you to disable the electric foot pedal and take the wheel as well as control the speed.

3.  MP3 Player
We have gone and fitted our cars including the including the Range Rover replica, Licenced Audi R8 and Ducati battery powered motorbike with MP3 functionality that leaves you in control of the music these cars also have options to attach other music devices using Aud cable or by using TF card . Many models also have FM Radio an additional feature of bluetooth connectivity so that you can pump the Frozen Let it snow on repeat until the cows come home.

4. Up to 4 motors
To have the functionality for multiple speed modes, forward and reverse gear and the ability for our ride-ons to tackle difficult terrain we have added up to four motors in our vehicles. This gives them the ability to travel between 3 and 7 km/h. Perfect for a leisurely Sunday stroll or high octane (but safe) burn around the yard.

5. All the fine details
We have spared no expense when it comes to making sure our toys are of the highest standard and quality to differentiate us from the rest of the toy car market. Instead of using cheap plastics we use CE plastic which are better not just for children but for the environment. We have equipped realistic alloy wheels, leather cushioned seats with safety belts and four-wheel suspension for added comfort. Lights, horns, sounds and buttons are also fully functional to add value to your child’s experience. We know it’s the little things that count.

As you can see when it comes down to deciding which rideable motorised car, motorbike or quad is best for your child, there is only one choice, and that choice is Little Riders Australia!

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